Boutique boxing is the hottest trend in NY and LA and we're offering our own version that rivals any boxing workout in the big cities. Beat Box is our full-body workout that combines boxing/kickboxing with bootcamp. We'll take you through 3-minute rounds of boxing followed by 3-minute rounds of 'bootcamp' style circuit-training. It's the best of both worlds when cardio meets strength and conditioning. 

Beat Box is equipped with the finest in Boxing and MMA gear including Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bags (Woodmere), Aqua Bags (Downtown) and Venum 12-ounce boxing gloves. Gloves are available for rent ($2). Hand & gel wraps and gloves are also available for purchase. Class sizes are limited. No experience necessary. 


Beat Box // 50-minute 10 round workout (5 rounds of boxing + 5 rounds of bootcamp).

Beat Box X-Press // 40-minute 8 round workout for our downtown lunch crowd (4 rounds of boxing + 4 rounds of bootcamp).

Beat Box KO // Train like you're preparing for a pro fight in this MMA-inspired 50-minute half kickboxing/half bootcamp workout. It's similar to our Beat Box format, but with a few twists that keep the workout fun and fresh. Led by Coach Joe Callari, a former pro MMA fighter.