pure mvmnt 6-week series


Spark is the first phase in the Pure Mvmnt journey. In this 6-week series, our movement coaches will guide you through our unique blend of pole dancing, sensual movement and personal development. What do we get when we mix these things together?

  • A deeper understanding of what really moves you physically and emotionally.
  • A better relationship to your body and the power of your feminine energy.
  • Confidence and an understanding of your self-worth.
  • An enhanced connection to your intuition.
  • An overall sense of feeling beautiful and sensual. The Spark series introduces you to the foundation of Pure Mvmnt's style and philosophy of movement.

*** Note that we are not licensed psychiatrist or psychologist and this should not replace professional therapy or psychiatry. 

Each 2-hour class includes the full Pure Mvmnt workout, sensual dance, pole and a weekly theme that will challenge old limiting beliefs about yourself, your body and your sensuality. To get the most out of this series, please plan to attend at least 4 of the 6 classes. There are no make-ups. 18+

$240. $40 non-refundable deposit needed to hold your spot. Email us at puremvmnt@gmail.com for details and registration. HEAR from upper level students about their Spark experience. Also, check out the video below to learn about Krista Jordan's Level 1 break throughs. 



Your mat workout continues to evolve, building off of the emotional, sensational, and physical connections you discovered in the Spark series. You will be learning new spins on the pole that will keep you flying. Just when you thought you couldn't have anymore fun, we'll take you up, up and away as you learn new strength-based pole work that takes you to new heights. The 'Dark Goddess' discovery work deepens as we introduce shoes to the mix. What kind of shoe makes you feel invincible? Whether it's ass-kicking boots or a sexy stiletto, you'll learn all this while continuing to find YOUR personal style, expression, and fire for every move you make.

Pre-requisite: Spark 6-week series


Emergence is the intermediate/advanced level in our series. In this 6-week series, you are focused on learning how to trust your body and move seamlessly through your freestyle dance. Nothing planned, no choreographed sequences - just your song and your body flowing seamlessly together in a river of curves, sensuality and power. 

We dive in deeper to discovering who your 'Dark Goddess' within is as we continue to embrace our outside. Your D.G. emerges more and more as you continue to define your movement and style of dress. Assignments, in and out of the class, are provided to help guide you in this exploration. 

Pre-requisite: Spark & Rise 6-week series



Ideal for a night out with your favorite girl gang, a birthday or a bachelorette celebration, this 90-minute party will teach you the basic language of your erotic, sensual dance. Starting with our unique Pure Mvmnt work out, you will connect to your natural goddess energy and nurture your soul. Then it's up on your feet to play on the poles or learn a simple yet devastatingly hot dance sequence to take home with you. We take it slow and we make it fun. 18+. Contact the studio for pricing, availability and booking.


In order to ensure the safety and comfort of all students we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines when taking class.

  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes to allow yourself time to get changed if need be and settled. Students more than 10 minutes late will not be permitted into class for their own safety.
  • For pole dance classes please refrain from wearing body oils or lotions. Slippery hands and poles are a recipe for danger and disaster. Nothing sexy about a broken bone.
  • We have mats available. Feel free to bring your own.
  • What to Wear. We dance barefoot at Pure Mvmnt, but you’re more than welcome to wear socks. We suggest ones with no-slip bottoms.  Please dress as you would for yoga or dance class – comfortable and able to stretch. 


Founded by Anjua Maximo, a certified life coach, lululemon ambassador and former head instructor at Los Angeles' S-Factor pole studio, Pure Mvmnt is a female empowerment studio that uses movement and mindfulness to help build self-esteem and self-love. Our classes uniquely blend personal development with fitness. We specialize in sensual dance, pole dance, and Buti Yoga.